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Georgia Go Getters will focus on developing student athletes. Our basketball program will encourage leadership, hard work, and sportsmanship all while teaching the fundamentals of basketball.

Georgia Go Getters (G3 Elite) formerly known as ATL Assault is a basketball organization that was birthed by three individuals who were looking to fill a void they felt was missing in many AAU organizations and that is, great organizational leadership and fundamental development of each individual athlete. We believe that if the leadership is chaotic then everything else will be chaotic too, so our focus is to ensure that we run a flagship organization so that the coaches, athletes, and each family enjoy their experience.

G3 Elite Basketball will seek to pursue the top student athletes with the emphasis being on student first and athlete second. Yes, winning is a high priority for the organization but building a TEAM of strong student athletes with outstanding leadership ability and a great work ethic will help them win in life. Our organization will develop the fundamentals of basketball and life so that they are prepared to compete in both arenas.